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The Nettology Difference

When you meet with Nettology for the first time you will immediately notice that you are meeting with an Experienced IT Consultant that is genuinely interested in meeting your needs and not a Salesperson wielding a book of services and a contract.


Our steady growth has been through Client referrals and not acquisitions. The current industry landscape is a virtual meat market of national companies scooping up small IT shops and assimilating them into their cookie cutter solutions. We pride ourselves on client relationships and manageable growth with outstanding customized services, because every one of our clients benefit from the focused attention Nettology provides.

Industry Leading Information Technology Services:

Nettology excels at providing managed information technology services. We are small enough to give you the personal attention that you need and deserve, yet large enough to provide expertise in the products and services that keep your business humming. Our team of experts provides timely, responsive service to move your business forward.

From Strategy to Helpdesk, Explore
our Full Suite of Information Technology Services

Nettology Total Care

Complete coverage from developing the technical roadmap, to local backup configuration and technical and administrative more

Nettology IT Assist

Helping companies handle overflow, Nettology’s IT Assist increases productivity while offering support when it’s needed more

Nettology Cloud

Application servers, database servers, file-sharing, email and even collaboration suites. Everything’s in the Cloud with Nettology – especially efficiency.
Powered by AWS and Microsoft read more

Project Management

Complete project services, from consulting and developing a strategy, implementation and more

Critical network infrastructure, email, and application servers, need to be ready and working whenever you are. Nettology makes sure that happens.
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Case Studies

Company A runs a Business Analytics Consulting Platform that is currently engaged with many Fortune 500 companies as well as Mid-Market Clients. There infrastructure is currently running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing services to both their Clients through a web based 3 their application and to there staff and development teams….
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Joe MacNichol

IT Manager

Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
I’ve been using Nettology’s service for over 5 years now, and with the support of the Nettology team have been able to transform an adequate network into what I now consider a powerhouse. Starting from a mix of older Novell and Microsoft 2003 physical servers, we are now fully virtualized with 2012 R2 servers that are monitored 24/7 and built with redundancy. We’ve migrated our exchange from 2003 to 2013 and we’ve gone from manual tape backups to automated cloud backups. We even removed our outside vendor for our………
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