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What to expect when you work with Nettology


When you work with Nettology, you can expect to build a relationship with a team that makes your company’s unique IT needs a priority. We will work with you to identify the areas where you want and need help, and we will deliver that help in a timely fashion. We don’t offer the same IT services to each company, because each company is different.
  • Are you considering a large IT project? Nettology can help you navigate that process.
  • Confused about managed cloud hosting services? Nettology can manage your hosting, in a world class data center.
  • Need to recover data that was lost? Our data forensics team can help.

What Happens First When You Contact Us:

Every relationship starts with a conversation – we want to know what you’re trying to accomplish, what successes and challenges you’ve had and how IT support can help you get where you’re going. We want to help you identify what your company needs in order to hum like the well-oiled machine that technology can help it become!

Our Information Technology Services include:

  • Team Assimilation – We get to know you, and you get to know us.
  • Onboarding – Once you decide to work with Nettology, we formalize with a contract that clearly defines how we’ll work together.
  • Discovery Phase – Our team will perform a discovery phase to assess the situation and develop a plan for implementation of the necessary support or solution.
  • Integration Phase – Our team will implement any new solutions/services.
  • Optimization – Once everything is in place, we’ll continue to optimize and refine the solution in response to real life usage.

As your long-term technology partner, Nettology relationships also include:

Find a higher level of service through Nettology – 610-558-1730 (Greater Philadelphia area) or 888-330-5378.

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