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Nettology’s Medical Practice IT Support


Medical Practice IT Support

Medical practice IT support is a Nettology specialty. Nettology has worked with many medical clinics and healthcare organizations in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond. We provide their medical practice with cyber security solutions and technology that connects multiple offices, eliminates information bottlenecks and improves efficiency.

Nettology’s IT Solutions for medical centers and health clinics:

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Incorporate automation
  • Simplify billing
  • Improve efficiency
  • Connect multiple offices
  • Support collaboration
  • Provide a platform for improved communication


We specialize in providing medical IT support that the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and medical device companies cannot provide. We provide a range of options for both remote and onsite support for offices in the Philadelphia region and throughout the United States. We help can also help protect your medical practice against the ever increasing threat of ransomware.

Our Medical Practice IT Support Clients are:
  • General Medicine Solo and Group Practices
  • Surgery Centers
  • Opthamology Practices
  • Dental Offices
  • Pharmacy Services

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Support and Healthcare IT Support

Nettology can provide consultation services or full medical IT support for all your computer, server and network needs. Contact us for help with:

  • Healthcare software implementation
  • Support for existing EMR/Practice Management installations
  • HIPAA compliance regulations. We can implement the steps necessary to keep your medical records safe and secure.


Imaging and diagnostic facilities require top-quality systems to efficiently manage electronic files. Nettology has expertise in a variety of DICOM/PACS systems and can work with your existing system or aid in the installation and setup of a new system. We provide infrastructure solutions that are fully HIPAA- and standards-compliant, secure and technologically redundant so you receive service of the utmost reliability.

Some of the Medical Practice IT support services we offer include:

  • PACS server installation and support
  • DICOM viewer Setup
  • VPN and network access rules for reading centers such as Dayhawk and Nighthawk
  • Image archiving and logging
  • Modality setup and administration

Support and secure your medical practice. For more information, call Nettology at 610-558-1730 or 888-330-5378.