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Cyber Security Assessments


Perimeter Assessments

A Nettology Perimeter Cyber Security Assessment provides a quarterly risk management evaluation of the perimeter of your business network security. We focus on PERIMETER ASSESSMENT for businesses who need to prepare for a compliance review. We will pinpoint perimeter vulnerabilities and cyber security risks that threaten the security of your network applications.

Assess your perimeter vulnerability and take actionable steps to prepare your company for a security audit.


Changing IT landscapes (virtual, mobile, cloud services) and evolving cyber threats have made periodic scanning and compliance audits insufficient to protect businesses against modern cyber attacks.

If an attacker were to gain control of your firewall and router, they could potentially impact the security of your network infrastructure as a whole.

A perimeter network, often called the DMZ (demilitarized zone network) or edge network, links incoming users to the Web servers or other services. The Web servers then link to the internal networks via an internal firewall.

A perimeter firewall exists to serve the requirements of users outside the boundaries of the organization. User types may include:

  • Trusted – Employees of the organization, such as branch office workers, remote users, or users that work from home.

  • Semi-trusted
 – Business partners of the organization, for whom a higher level of trust exists than with untrusted users.

  • Untrusted
 – For example, users of the organization’s public web site.

Cyber Security Assessments PERIMETER ASSESSMENTS identify security risks.

During a PERIMETER ASSESSMENT, Nettology will test your firewall and evaluate:

  • What data can safely be allowed to leave your site, and what should be restricted.

  • The current state of your firewall. Has it been upgraded? Does it have the latest revisions or does it need an upgrade?
Nettology will conduct remote vulnerability scans and provide you with a thorough report on the current state of the firewall that protects your company’s core business infrastructure. Recommendations on advised steps to be taken to guard your business against malware and other firewall security risks will better prepare your company for compliance reviews.


  • Firewall access allowed and blocked event indicators across TCP, UDP, ICMP, and Unknown protocols. This data can identify ports being used within applications or services, as well as any unknown ports being used for malicious purposes. This information can also indicate that systems are being “pinged” by internal applications or malicious outsiders for reconnaissance purposes.

  • Blind spots in the firewall, and recommendations to strengthen the firewall.
  • Inbound network activity such as encrypted sessions, partial connections, inbound attacks, and potentially compromised hosts or remote access services enabled on critical or internet facing hosts.

  • Remote access sessions, login failures, data leakage, and malicious port connections. Information presented by may useful in identifying compromised hosts or other types of malicious activity.

  • Recommendations for remediation of found issues and concerns.
  • For a complete cyber security risk assessment, a Nettology INTERNAL NETWORK ASSESSMENT is vital.

    This vulnerability scan will look at your network’s internal security, specifically:

  • User names and passwords.
  • Company policies for removing user names and passwords of former employees.

  • Passwords of current employees – are the passwords being used too weak?

  • Patch management; is all your software up-to-date?

  • Encryption.

  • Back Up system and frequencies.

These detailed reviews will prepare your company for compliance review.

The Nettology Cyber Security Assessments will provide you with a detailed overview of the safety of your business network infrastructure. Nettology can also provide remediation for any cyber security problems detected. Don’t leave your valuable data at risk! Call today for a no-obligation call with our experienced engineers: 610-558-1730 (greater Philadelphia area) or 888-330-5378.