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IT Network Move or Site Setup


Are you facing an Office Relocation or need a new Business Data Network set up?

Setting up a new business data network or relocating entire offices is a challenging task. Nettology’s team of experts understand the headaches this can cause for companies. You can count on our team to get you up and running as soon as possible during and after your move in the greater Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware area.
Our IT network move or site set-up solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. Nettology’s staff is composed of experts in IT relocation and set-up. Whether moving computers for a small office or a sizable corporate infrastructure move, Nettology can have you READY FOR BUSINESS ON TIME and ON BUDGET! Let us we take care of your  IT plan from A to Z, while you focus on running your business. Our goal is to create a business infrastructure you never have to think about. No matter how big the load, how many machines, or how much storage required, we’ll make it work so that your business runs smoothly.

What Nettology’s IT network support experts consider when planning an office relocation or new business data network:

  • Reconfiguration of the Firewall and Network equipment
  • Reconnecting phone systems and extensions
  • Coordination with Internet Service Provider
  • Coordination with the Phone Service Provider
  • Changing external IP addresses
  • How are the remote users affected?
  • What wiring is needed at the new space?
  • Backing up and securing data prior to the move
  • Reconnecting all services and users
  • What unexpected things could occur?
Move your business forward with a solution that supports your bright future. Discover how Nettology can simplify the process of office relocation or setting up your business data network.


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