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Business Mac Support


Business Mac Support for the Greater Philadelphia area

Business Mac support has traditionally been the step-child of IT support. Many IT managed services providers prefer to focus on the more common Windows PCs and servers.

But Apple products, including Macs, iPads, and iPhones, are here to stay in today’s business environments. Nettology embraces and supports both Apple and the growing “bring your own device” movement. Many of our clients have all-Mac environments or a mix of Apple and Microsoft products. We can help move files to a new Mac, or migrate data from a Windows PC running XP, Vista, Windows 7 .Windows 8, or Windows 10.  We have seen it all and our certified engineers can make it all work together smoothly.
One common choice is to use Microsoft Office 365 cloud services on Apple Mac laptops, and this trend is sure to increase now that Microsoft has released a full-fledged version of Office for Mac for Office 365 users.

 Another common choice is using Microsoft OneDrive on a Mac to take advantage of the generous 1 TB of cloud drive storage Microsoft offers. The OneDrive for Business Mac client lets you sync your office 365 documents to your Mac.


Contact Nettology’s team of Business Mac support experts today to help integrate Apple products into your business.