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VMware Consulting


VMware Consulting, Support Services

Reduce network IT complexity with VMware

VMware is an industry-leading cloud computing and platform virtualization software and service provider. Virtualization is a process that helps you reduce capital expenses through the consolidation of physical servers.

VMware virtualization software is a dominant player in server virtualization. It is designed to reduce IT network complexity and scale to meet growing business needs.


VMware Consulting, Support Services

Decrease costs with VMware Virtualization

By running two or more logical computer systems on one set of physical hardware, a system administrator could combine several physical systems into virtual machines on one single, powerful system — thereby unplugging the original hardware and reducing power and cooling consumption.

Benefits of VMware Virtualization:

  • Server consolidation – reduces capital and operating costs, reduces the overall hardware needed, and gives you the ability to utilize your hardware more efficiently.
  • Simplifies Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery options
  • Simplifies IT management and gives IT departments much more flexibility to address common business needs
  • Improves business processes. Delivers access to business applications from any device
  • Optimizes previous technology investments


VMware virtualization infrastructure solutions:

VMware solutions give small and mid-size businesses a scalable, stable, reliable network infrastructure. VMware vSphere infrastructure and management solutions offer cost-effective ways for small businesses to enjoy the many rewards of virtualization.

Nettology’s VMware Consulting, Support Services:

As a VMware partner and VMware consultant, Nettology works with organizations of all sizes, helping them discover how they can significantly benefit by incorporating VMware Virtualization Technology. Nettology’s engineers are highly experienced in helping businesses adopt a VMware solution.

  • Virtual Infrastructure Design – Convert or Migrate your Physical Servers to a virtual environment
  • Local Data Center – Administration and Support for your private Vsphere Infrastructure including optimization, template creation, and deployment
  • Hybrid and Hosted VMware solution including VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Solution
  • VMware SaaS strategy
  • Break\Fix Troubleshooting of VMware infrastructure issues
  • vCenter Server and Esx Migration

As certified VMware consultants and support specialists, Nettology can provide both on-premise and cloud-hosted virtual servers, and implement a project from start to finish. We can stand beside your staff providing advice and guidance during installation, and then be your team’s higher-level Tier 2 technical support afterwards.

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