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Business Continuity Planning


Make downtime a distant memory with Business Continuity Planning

As businesses rely more on technology, downtime becomes a greater and greater issue and IT aupport for small businesses becomes essential. Severe IT lapses can literally cripple a business. The risk of data loss can come from weather-related damage, server failure, or security breach. According to a PricewaterhouseCooper survey, 70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.

Business Continuity

Think about the high cost of downtime:

  • All internal business processes cease – billing, intranet, etc.
  • Sales teams will have no access to customer data
  • Lost employee productivity
  • Cost to restore IT business infrastructure
  • Financial impact of customer dissatisfaction
  • Contract penalties
  • Missed deadlines that result in employee overtime
  • Priority shipping charges


Protecting your data is protecting your business

That’s why the Nettology team emphasizes the importance of business continuity planning.

We understand that budgets need to be considered and weighed against need, and that a complex setup may be cost prohibitive for most small and medium businesses. Cloud Storage and disk mirroring technology may be all that is required to ensure a secure environment and safety of all valuable company documents.  Nettology will create a Business Continuity plan suited for your unique business.

Nettology’s approach to Business Continuity Planning:

Nettology works with small- to mid-size businesses in the greater Philadelphia area to create a business continuity plan that takes into consideration your operating environment, budgets, and future needs.  We start with an evaluation of your current processes to identify weaknesses and problems before creating a plan that outlines specific strategies such as imaged-based back-ups for a quick restoration of business operations in the event of an IT emergency.

We will prepare and document a Disaster Recovery Plan in conjunction with a Business Resumption Plan.

These documents will detail:
  • Your Company’s Technological Identity. As part of our strategy process, Nettology looks at the systems in place and identifies issues, weaknesses, and potential problem points, including equipment, personnel, documents, and locations.
  • Nettology’s Recommended Plan. Once we know what potential issues may arise, we plan our processes for mitigating those foreseen issues and unexpected events. We thoroughly define the potential threats to your company’s IT infrastructure.
  • Nettology’s Plan for Implementation – Finally, we detail the processes and systems we recommend putting in place to safeguard your business. For some clients it may be as simple as a UPS and cloud storage setup. For others, it may require the addition of on-site server failovers and local encryption tools.

We can help you develop a customized comprehensive resiliency plan to protect your company as it grows.


Nettology serves clients in the greater Philadelphia area, NJ, DE, and MD.

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Some may consider it overkill. We consider business continuity planning fundamental. Our information technology services have helped many businesses just like yours. Call us today!