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I’ve been using Nettology’s service for over 5 years now, and with the support of the Nettology team have been able to transform an adequate network into what I now consider a powerhouse. Starting from a mix of older Novell and Microsoft 2003 physical servers, we are now fully virtualized with 2012 R2 servers that are monitored 24/7 and built with redundancy. We’ve migrated our exchange from 2003 to 2013 and we’ve gone from manual tape backups to automated cloud backups. We even removed our outside vendor for our Cisco firewall and brought it in-house to have the Nettology team manage. And when we recently relocated our office, the Nettology team was there to seamlessly pick up the network and move it to our new location. The list goes on but the bottom line is that as a one-person IT department managing 50 in-house users and 15 remote users, these changes would not have been possible alone. It takes a team of skilled experts to successfully make the amount of changes we’ve made. I’m still the Head Coach but having the team Nettology offers, from Network architects and engineers to desktop support, it’s my winning solution. I recently calculated the cost savings at $55,000 per year by having Nettology manage our Infrastructure vs hiring in house and external consultants to do project work. That cost savings combined with 99.99% uptime is a no-brainer for me. ( And I feel comfortable taking a vacation – which is priceless!)

Joe MacNichol
IT Manager
Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

I have been working with Nettology for approximately 5 years. We started with 2 major Cisco projects, first of which was migrating our ASA Firewall and then upgrading our Switch infrastructure. With their IT Assist service, they help us efficiently manage our VMware and EMC San and server infrastructure. They have proven their expertise on several occasions. I meet with their team quarterly to strategize our changing environment. We are currently deploying some of our infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. Nettology has built a secure VPN Connection, with locked down servers only available to my local network. By having Nettology involved in our infrastructure , NFS has saved a significant amount of time and money managing our network. They have presented a number of tools and solutions over the years that have assisted me with internal server management as well as the grueling PCI audits that are required annually. Nettology has demonstrated a proven and documented commitment to NFS, including a team of reliable IT experts with whom we have built a successful partnership.

Tim Krueger
IT Director
National Fulfillment Services

Our relationship with Nettology started nearly 10 years ago when we needed help deploying Cisco Firewalls and creating VPN Connections to our branch Pharmacies. As our business grew, we incorporated Nettology into many of our projects including physical and virtual server deployments as well as our line of business SQL Applications. Our relationship is truly point and go – they never said no to any of our projects and interact regularly with our vendors. Our Consultant meets with us at least once a quarter to plan and prioritize our projects and support needs.

As a private equity company, our business model requires us to manage several subsidiary companies both effectively and efficiently. When we choose to deploy new technology, such as migrating all portfolio companies from POP/IMAP to Office 365, Nettology has managed our projects seamlessly. Company size is no barrier either; Nettology has helped companies ranging from start-ups to entrenched businesses over 100 users. We’ve entrusted them to manage our servers and network devices, including all monitoring, patching, and antivirus.

I have saved significant time and money on every project, and I have a comfort level that you cannot put a price tag on.

Jason Cofone
IT and Operations Director
Ram Consulting Group